YDS’de Çıkmış Sorular 2013-2017 (İngilizce)


2013-2017 tarihleri arasında YDS de çıkmış sorular ve cevapları. İngilizce YDS’de çıkmış sorular ve cevaplar nelerdir ? Yabancı Dil Sınavı’na girmeden önce alıştırma yapmak için daha önce YDS sınavında çıkmış soruları çözerek tecrübe kazanmak ve en azından nasıl sorular gelebileceğine dair bir bilginiz olur. Hem çalışmış sayılırsınız hem de bilgi dağarcığınız biraz daha artacaktır. Cevaplarınızı bir kağıda yazıp, sayfanın sonundaki cevap anahtarından doğru ve yanlışları öğrenebilirsiniz.

Sorular sürekli güncellenecektir. Soruları çözdükten sonra doğru cevaplara bakarak kaç net yaptığınızı öğrenebilirsiniz. Yaptığınız net sayısını yorum olarak atabilirsiniz. Bu sayede soruyu çözen diğer kişilerle kıyaslama içerisinde bulunup ne durumda olduğunuzu anlayabilirsiniz.

YDS’de En Çok Çıkan 3000 Kelime ve Örnek Cümleler adlı yazımız için tıklayın.

1-) Parents who are responsive, non-authoritarian, and who manifest empathetic and caring behaviours can —- the development of empathy in their children.

A)delay                   B)acknowledge                C)relieve                  D)enhance              E)surpass


2-) Wheat, which has been a staple food for centuries, can turn out to be bad for some people —- because they are allergic to it —- because they have an autoimmune disorder.

A)so / that           B)neither / nor              C)as / as           D)the more / the more             E)either / or


3-) Just as an accomplished writer must help us visualise events rather than plainly tell them, —-.

A)storytellers are a significant voice of culture, and their
storytelling takes many forms

B)a good storyteller is expected to provide not just adescription but an experience

C)some people make a living as professional storytellers

D)the intellectual and emotional impacts of effective storytellers are undeniable

E)the words of storytellers may capture the minds and feelings of listeners


4-) Köpek balıklarının sayısı önemli ölçüde azalıyor ve
bu yırtıcı balıklar yavaş geliştikleri ve nadiren
üredikleri için nüfuslarının hızlı bir şekilde artması
olası görünmüyor.

A) Given that the number of sharks is falling drastically as these predatory fish slowly mature and seldom reproduce, there is no likelihood that their population will increase quickly.

B) Because sharks slowly mature and rarely breed, their number is falling greatly, and therefore the population of these predatory fish seems unlikely to increase rapidly.

C) The number of sharks is falling dramatically, and since these predatory fish slowly mature and rarely reproduce, it seems unlikely that their population will increase quickly.

D) It seems unlikely that shark population will increase quickly since these predatory fish, whose number is falling considerably, slowly mature and seldom breed.

E) The number of sharks is falling substantially, and because these predatory fish slowly mature and rarely reproduce, it is not probable that there will be a significant increase in their population.


– I want to take up gardening as a hobby and grow
vegetables, but I don’t have a garden to plant them
– But they may not grow successfully if they don’t
get a sufficient amount of sunlight.
– You can grow some vegetables without any sun at
all. For example, lettuce and parsley will grow
beautifully under artificial light.

A) It’s not only the space you should take into account, but sunlight is also important when growing vegetables.

B) Vegetables need to be watered very frequently, and they tend to grow more nicely in sunny areas.

C) Have you ever heard about indoor gardening? You can use your attic, basement, or balcony to grow vegetables.

D) Near a bright window that takes sunlight at high intensity, you can grow cherry tomatoes and cucumbers.

E) I suggest you install a greenhouse. Greenhouses are the most convenient places to grow vegetables, and they vary vastly in size and price.


6-)English is a mother tongue for many people in the
world, who are increasingly outnumbered by those
who learn English as a foreign language.

A) English, either the mother tongue or foreign language of many people, is being spoken in almost every partof the world.

B) Although English is being learnt as a foreign language more widely than ever, there are also a large amount of people whose first language is English.

C) Lots of people around the world are native speakers of English; however, the number of learners of English as a foreign language has far surpassed the number of its native speakers.

D) Throughout the world, there is a significant gapbetween people who speak English as their first language and those who learn it as a foreign language.

E) In the past, the number of English native speakers was greater than those who had been learning English as a foreign language, but now it is not the case.


7-)When someone we regard as a cherished friend
suddenly is not there for us, it can feel like a hurtful
betrayal. But before accusing or condemning them,
you might want to ask yourself such questions as
“Have they disappointed me before?”, “Are my
expectations too high?”, “Have I always behaved
perfectly towards them?”. —- Since we are all
fallible and could potentially disappoint our friends,
it is good to remember that there are two sides to
every story.

A) Exploring these issues honestly will allow you to accept your share of responsibility.

B) It is common in these situations to start wondering if the person was ever a ‘real’ friend.

C) Particularly with social media, many bestow the status of friend on others with surprising speed and ease.

D) An enduring friendship is based on a similar life experience, and a shared value system.

E) One reason for ending the friendship or distancing yourself from it is growing apart in terms of interests.


8-)(I) During the Renaissance, Italy was not a single,
unified country. (II) It consisted of a patchwork of small
states, each with its own history, government, and
traditions. (III) Artistic styles varied significantly from
region to region. (IV) The writings of Vasari, a painter
and architect from Florence, helped establish the idea
that Renaissance art originated in Italy. (V) Although
Florence, Rome, and Venice were the main centres of
artistic activity, skilled artists produced significant works
in other areas as well.

A)I        B)II         C)III            D) IV         E)V


9-) Total world population seems to have —- around a
level of approximately half a billion people until the
modern period, when it began to climb steadily.

A) appeared               B) expired                 C) qualified              D)fluctuated              E) weakened


10-)Philosophy did not play a large part in Roman
culture, other than Stoicism, which —- by the
Romans for its emphasis on virtuous conduct and
—- one’s duty.

A) is to be admired / to have done
B) is admired / to do
C) had been admired / having done
D) was admired / doing
E) could be admired / being done


11-)  —-, other changes such as habitat destruction and
hunting threaten individual species.

A) Although volcanoes erupt and meteorites hit the Earth

B) While global warming, acid rain and holes in the ozone layer can affect the entire life on the planet

C) Because life first appeared on the Earth more than 3,5 billion years ago

D) As soon as atmospheric gases become part of the water cycle and are carried by the wind

E) Though it is difficult to adapt to the harmful materials released into the environment


12-) Mısırlılar, sadece gökyüzünün haritasını çıkarmakla
kalmayıp gözlemledikleri yıldızların bazılarına isim
de veren ilk antik uygarlıklardan biriydi.

A) The Egyptians were one of the first ancient cultures to not only map the sky but to name some of the stars they observed.

B) It was the ancient Egypt culture that both mapped the sky and named some of the stars they observed.

C) The culture of ancient Egypt was sophisticated enough to map the sky and name some of the stars they observed.

D) Having named some of the stars they observed, the Egyptians were one of the first ancient cultures to map the sky.

E) If Egyptians had mapped the sky, they would have become one of the first ancient cultures to name some of the stars they observed.

YDS’de Çıkmış Sorular 2013-2017 (İngilizce) Detayları

13-) Cavit:
– I sometimes have difficulty in understanding what
genre means in the literary world.
– It depends on where you’re positioned in the book
world. For a bookseller, it’s a shelving and
location issue.
– With fiction, for example, there will be classics,
romance or horror sections.

A) So it’s a pragmatic question of what to put where.

B) I think fiction is always the best-selling line.

C) But even in small bookstores, I get confused.

D) Bookstores say Westerns mostly attract male customers.

E) Then, a genre can have large number of dedicated readers.


14-) While the trend is toward living in cities, there is still
a significant proportion of the population living in
the countryside.

A) People now want to live in cities more than they do in the countryside because this is the latest trend.

B) Nowadays, many people prefer to live in the city centres but more people are forced to live in the countryside because of the growing population.

C) In spite of the fact that living in cities is very popular, a large number of people continue to live in the countryside.

D) Living in the countryside is no longer trendy, and many people want to stay in cities even though the population is growing dramatically.

E) People who now reside in the countryside outnumber city dwellers because this is the new trend.


15-) The brain analyzes the flood of incoming
information, decides how to respond, and sends
outgoing signals to muscles and other organs,
telling them what to do. —- However, many parts of
the nervous system work automatically, controlling
your internal organs and reflexes without your
conscious awareness.

A) The nervous system has two main parts: the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system.

B) The nervous system in the human body is made up of billions of cells called neurons used for sending and receiving information.

C) Nerve cells located almost everywhere in your body have long extensions called axons that can stretch to 1 m in length.

D) Much of your nervous system is under voluntary control, which means you can choose how to react.

E) While man-made wires carry power, the cells that make up the nervous system carry information.


16-) (I) Since his first appearance in Action Comics in 1938,
Superman has adapted to the changing times. (II) After
the Second World War, he changed his slogan from
fighting for ‘truth and justice’ to fighting for ‘truth, justice
and the American way’. (III) Such figures as Superman
are seen as fulfilling the same societal function as the
myths of ancient Greece or Rome. (IV) As the nation
grappled with the turmoil of the 1970s and embraced a
more diverse culture, ‘self-sacrifice’ suddenly became
part of Superman’s appeal. (V) As for the Superman of
the first half of the 21st century, with his alter ego Clark
Kent, he is likely to reflect our modern world, which is
fearful of a collapse, whether economic or

A)I        B)II           C)III            D)IV             E)V


17-) Paracetamol, one of the most effective painkillers
used today, was discovered in the 1890s, but —-
how it relieves pain remains a mystery.
A) mistakenly     B) comparatively      C) precisely      D) increasingly     E) adversely


18-) The discovery that the Universe —- at an
accelerating rate —- two rival teams of scientists a
Nobel Prize in Physics.

A) is expanding / has earned

B) will be expanding / had earned

C) was expanding / must have earned

D) could expand / should have earned

E) ought to expand / may have earned


19-) In trying to understand the development of
language, —-.

A) the grammar of a language represents the linguistic knowledge or capacity of its speakers

B)  human language utilizes a fairly small number of sounds

C) language is a part of our essential human nature and was never invented

D) our curiosity about ourselves has also led to numerous theories about language origin

E) scholars, for ages, have been debating the role played by the vocal tract and the ear


20-) Dil eğitiminde toplumsal sınıf farklılıklarını doğrudan
inceleyen en verimli araştırma, İngiliz sosyolog Basil
A) The most fruitful research dealing directly with language education in terms of social-class differences belongs to the English sociologist Basil Bernstein.
B) Basil Bernstein, who is an English sociologist, has dealt directly with social-class differences in language education and has come up with fruitful research.
C) The most fruitful research dealing directly with social-class differences in language education is that of the English sociologist Basil Bernstein.
D) The most fruitful research dealing directly with social-class differences in language education was done by the English sociologist Basil Bernstein.
E) The English sociologist Basil Bernstein has done fruitful research dealing directly with social-class differences in language education.


21-) Interviewer:
– What role does health psychology play in
contributing to the goals of healthy people?
Health Psychologist:
– It will raise their awareness of pain management,
fitness, substance abuse and eating disorders.
Health Psychologist:
– It will play an important role in both the
management and prevention of chronic illnesses.

A)Isn’t health psychology an area young people are interested in?

B)Nowadays, there are many attempts to fight against deadly diseases, aren’t there?

C)What is the outlook for the future of health psychology?

D)How do you treat those who have just started working in your clinic?

E)Does the training of health psychologists include public management?


22-) The activity of coffee trading on the international
market is second only to petroleum.

A) Petroleum trading ranks the second worldwide when compared to coffee.

B) Petroleum is the most internationally traded product, followed by coffee.

C) Coffee and petroleum are the two most valuable commodities in trade among countries.

D) Increasing demand for petroleum makes coffee the second most popular product in the world.

E) Petroleum is one of the most internationally traded products, but coffee surpasses it.


23-) As some economic studies have shown, the longer
a person is unemployed, the harder it becomes for
him or her to find a job. Many companies are
reluctant to hire those who have not worked for a
long time. There are 6,7 million Americans not
officially counted as part of the labour force, who
say they would like to work. —-

A) In Western Europe, where it is hard to fire people, employers are more cautious.

B) A company should reform its working conditions if employees are not very productive.

C) Not all unemployment is equal, as there are better and worse ways to be without a job.

D) Integrating these people into the economy will be a long and expensive undertaking.

E) Likewise, there are not big differences between the unemployment rates of Europe and the US.


24-) (I) While some restaurants serve a variety of dishes that
are labelled as local, others present a menu including
universal ones like hamburger or salad. (II) A meal at a
fine restaurant will often seem to taste better than food
eaten off a paper plate with plastic cutlery. (III) This is
because our perception of the quality of food and drink
does not only involve senses, but emotions and
expectations play a role too. (IV) Colours can also affect
how we perceive flavour. (V) In one famous French
study, participants were convinced that they were
drinking red wine when it was, in fact, white wine dyed

A)I        B)II         C)III        D)IV         E)V


25-) Children who are securely attached to their
mother by the time they enter their second year of
life are better equipped to —- new experiences and

A) depend on    B) turn down     C) refrain from     D) cope with      E) carry out


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